September Book Sorta-Review – SAND Omnibus by Hugh Howey

I just finished my second book of the month & updated my cute little Kindle app screen shot. Because seriously, what’s the point in having a phone that lets you add stickers to it and draw all over the picture if I don’t use those features for something?

Just Finished: Sand Omnibus by Hugh Howey
4 Stars

I absolutely loved Wool and was excited for this new series. Sand is about a life in the future, where the world we know it is covered in nothing but sand. Sand divers don special suits and dive into the sand, pulling up relics and artifacts from the old world below. Life is hard and rough and awful. My favorite part of the entire book was when Palmer dove down to a skyscraper of an old city and got to walk around inside. I really wish the rest of the story dealt with them exploring the old world, but alas, Hugh Howey had another plan.

The story sucked me in from the start and the beautiful writing alone makes it a story worth reading. But I must warn you that just with Wool, Sand leaves you wanting more. You’ll want to know what happened next, what happens after that, and what happens after that. It’s a blessing and a curse when an author writes worlds and characters that you won’t want to let go.