The Perks of Going Full Time

Now that I’m approaching two months of being a full time writer, I thought I’d share how flipping awesome it is. Bonus – gifs from one of my favorite shows, The Office.

1. I never again have to minimize Twitter to pretend to be working when the boss walks by. Because I am the boss. And I totally allow myself to do whatever I want.

2. There’s no dress code. I can (and do) spend all day in the clothes I slept in the night before.

3. After nine years of driving nearly an hour to work each day, now I only go somewhere if I want to. (Trust me, I usually don’t want to.)

4. I finally get to be alone all day, free from the pressures of daily chit chat with coworkers. If you’ve ever had to smile politely and say good morning to no less than five coworkers on the way to get some coffee, you’ll understand how great it is to be alone.

5. And the greatest perk of all:

I get to spend all day writing!

2 thoughts on “The Perks of Going Full Time”

  1. Definitely perks of working from home! I'd love a post about how your income/production is going, too! I was really interested in the one where you said you wrote X and made Y from that writing alone, just in your free time.

    – Allison


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