writing tips

The First Draft

Happy Monday everyone!

I recently wrote a 70,000 word first draft in 28 days. Then, I wrote another 52,000 first draft of another book in 20 more days.

One thing that’s kept me going is telling myself not to worry about perfection, because this is the FIRST DRAFT.

First. Draft.

I’ve spent so many years of writing trying to get it perfect on the first go. And once I realized that it doesn’t have to be, and frankly, WON’T ever be perfect on the first go, then I could really relax more and just write.

So what if this is a cliché phrase, write it and fix it later.

Did I just write the word ”wonder” three times in one sentence? Forget it, fix it later.

This sentence has way too many commas, forget about it– eh, no. Go back and delete those commas. Now.

Sometimes if it is a really super awful flaw in my writing, I will highlight it and turn it pink. Then I when I edit, I know where to start first.

I think it is ridiculously important to remember that you’ll be editing your novel anyhow, and if the sentence just doesn’t seem perfect, don’t stress on it for too long. Keep writing. Write until you type the words THE END (which I always do, because it makes me happy) and then go back and edit that shit.

Don’t waste too much time staring at a blinking cursor thinking of the perfect word to type. Just type its less-than-perfect synonym and keep writing!

I have been correcting the proofs of my poems. In the morning, after hard work, I took a comma out of one sentence…. In the afternoon I put it back again.
– Oscar Wilde