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Get the most out of your Amazon Author page

Until recently I only used my Amazon Author Central page to add my new books to my profile. What a waste! The Amazon Author Central page has a ton of opportunities to get your name out there and allow readers to both find you and connect with you. In today’s age of everyone and their mother being an indie author, it’s important to connect with as many readers as you can. Once a reader has found, read and enjoyed your book, you want them to come back for the next one.

If’ you’ve been ignoring your Amazon Author Central page like I did for so long, don’t! HURRY! Run and fix this oversight!

Here’s s super tiny image of my page, which if you click it’ll get bigger:

Biography – Don’t just put your regular info – be sure to add links to all of your social media profiles, websites,  blogs, etc, so readers can find you. I also put a note with the release date of my next book and a link to sign up for my mailing list. All of this information should already be on your author website, but it’s good to include it here too. Some people buy books on Amazon and don’t ever go to the author’s website. Now they’re more likely to see all that you have to offer.
Author Page URL – You can customize this to something easy to remember
Blogs – Add your blog feed so it’ll sync to this page! 
Photos – You can upload more than one photo here. I’ve seen many authors who do this. I haven’t yet, because I hate taking photos.
Videos – I uploaded my book trailers. How cool is that?
Twitter – Link your Twitter account! And then make sure you always have your latest tweet be something worth reading. 😉
Events – I’m not important enough to have real author events, but if you do have them, this is a great place to advertise it.
Once you have all of your profile filled out, make sure to keep it up to date! You never know which reader will stumble onto it, find something they like and then go read your books. And you may just attract a reader who will become one of your readers for life, and as an author, that’s really what we should all be striving for.