Review of The Thirteenth World by A.N. Willis

Time is running out for Stel Alaster. The Corridor, the only portal between First and Second Earth, is failing and the barriers between all twelve worlds are thinning. Using her unique ability to travel through the multiverse, Stel sets out to save the Corridor . . . and ends up discovering a mysterious new world.

In the sequel to The Corridor, will the thirteenth world hold the key to the Corridor’s secrets? Or will the portal implode and take every last universe down with it?

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Okay I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a book, but I think The Thirteenth World was actually better than book one. And I LOVED book one!!!

After learning more secrets of the corridor in book one, (which is a portal that links First Earth and Second Earth) and discovering there are twelve other Earths out there, Stel Alaster’s life might literally fall apart. Because the Corridor isn’t stable and at any second it could unleash a pulse and kill every person on earth. Her beloved father is dead (why oh why, this killed me!), she might never see her hunky other Earth boyfriend again, her brother has turned traitor… and Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget that she’s the only person in the world who can conjure up her own portal with her hands. And the people who run the Corridor are keeping her prisoner for it.

This book started out with a bang and I loved every second of it. No boring sluggish scenes while the author sets the story for us–nope, it just took off and had me desperately turning pages, dying to know what would happen. My heart ached for Stel, longed for Cohl, was happy about Justin, and wanted to hug Steven Alaster.

I adored the Sci-Fi in this book. Unlike another popular YA parallel universe book, this one hits the mark for me in many ways that one didn’t. Stel’s portal and ability are beautifully described, making you feel like you’re there. The story has swoon-worthy romance but it’s so much more than that. (oh and PS, You’ll want to re-read the Cohl shirtless scenes.) Stel is strong and determined to right the wrongs that her bio father set in place long before she became a part of it. She’s willing to die to save the twelve worlds and you genuinely believe it while reading this book.

Speaking of Stel’s bio father— THAT ENDING. I can’t say anything without spoiling it, but the thirteenth world is unlike anything I could have imagined. It tugged at my heart strings and what’s revealed here pulls the entire story back together, into a perfect sci-fi tale.

5 Stars!