Weekly Wrap up!

It’s FRIDAY! It’s also the first week of November and if you’re anything like me, you’re wondering what sort of cosmic phenomenon is happening to make the time fly by so quickly. You guys, I will be 30 this month. THIRTY. As in, years old. So yeah, while I go have a mental breakdown about my age…How was your week?

Here’s mine all wrapped up in a nice little summary:

Here’s a book 3 teaser!


I’ve been working hard finishing edits for the third and final book in the Powered Trilogy. Out of all 3 books, I think this one is my favorite. Okay maybe the first one is my favorite…or maybe I love them all… Let’s just say that I am extremely attached to these books and these characters. I can’t wait until you get to read it on 2/2/16. I am warning you now, lots of chapters are full of the feels.

I’m also excited to be working on a super secret side project called BUSG. If you can guess the book’s title by it’s initials, then ten points to Gryffindor! BUSG is a YA contemporary romance (my fav, duh) with a quirky cast of characters. This is the first book I’ll be pitching for traditional publishing since the ol’ query days of Motocross Me in 2010. We’ll see how it goes! Alternatively, if you’d like to be a beta reader for this top secret book, let me know.


I’m currently reading SKYSCRAPING by Cordelia Jensen. I received it as an ARC along with some pretty swag (see future post for a giveaway) and I am LOVING this book.

Next on the TBR is THE MUSEUM OF INTANGIBLE THINGS by Wendy Wunder. I’m excited to start this one. If you’ve read it, let me know what you think in the comments! 

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