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5 Reasons Writers need a Dog

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, it’s no secret that my dog, Nova, is my favorite family member and best friend. She held this title long before I became a full time writer, but now that I no longer have a corporate day job, Nova is the best coworker I’ve ever had. She’s a lab/pit rescue who just turned three years old in October. Since I now work from home, I’ve become convinced that dogs are a necessity to being a writer. Here’s why:

Surprisingly I don’t have a photo of her walking.

Dogs love walking

I read somewhere that dogs who get a walk each day live an average of five years longer than dogs who don’t. That was instantly the motivation I needed to take my dog on a walk each day. Daily walks have a benefit to writers as well. Ever get writer’s block? Take a walk! Plus, it always helps to get your butt out of the computer chair for an hour a day. I take my dog on a walk around lunchtime, which is the perfect break between my morning writing and afternoon writing.

She thinks my plot holes are easily fixable.

Dogs are great listeners

Read your book aloud to your dog! They don’t know what you’re saying but they listen. Reading your book aloud is a great way to proofread your manuscript or find a way to improve the flow of dialogue. And besides, reading aloud to no one is just weird.

They’re warm, too!

Dogs make great pillows

This one might depend on the temperament of your dog. Mine loves cuddling and she makes a great footrest and pillow while I’m curled up on the couch writing notes or working through plot ideas. Bonus: They’re super warm when it’s cold outside.

Dogs are always down for a coffee break

She doesn’t get to drink the coffee but she’s happy to hang out with me and enjoy the morning while I drink mine.

She does not approve of sloppy writing.

Dogs break up the monotony of the day

Writing is a solitary activity. It gets boring spending hours alone with just the voices in your head. Not so much when you have a dog. They need food and walks and playtime. Nova is ALWAYS excited to play a random game of catch or go for a ride to pick up some lunch. Until that happens though, she’s likes to lounge next to me and give all of my adverbs the shifty eyes.

So there you have it. Dogs are amazing and a perfect companion for a writer.

As for cats… don’t get me started on cats.

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