Gift Ideas for Writers – 2015

This is my third year of making a list of great gift ideas for the writer in your life. Or, if you’re like me, these are great gift ideas to get yourself. But I am a writer, so this totally counts!

If the writer in your life is an organized, outlining, taking notes type of writer, I strongly suggest getting them a Passion Planner. I’ve already ordered mine in the color #stayGOALden and I am positive that it will transform my entire writing year for 2016.

This vintage typewriter charm from the GREATEST jewelry place on earth, James Avery. Seriously, every piece of jewelry I wear is from here. Maybe it’s a Texas thing, I don’t know, but your writer friend needs this charm.

Side note, isn’t it funny that typewriters are the symbol of writers even though most of us have never used one? I guess a laptop charm would look kind of stupid.

Buy it here: James Avery

This wonderful candle that smells like old book pages! You can picture the smell just by thinking about it, right? Well now you can REALLY smell it. OMGosh I need this for my office so bad.

Find it by CandlesForBookLovers on Etsy.

This next one is a vague suggestion, and the actual item you choose will need to be specific to the author you’re buying it for. COFFEE MUGS. From mugs that say I like big books and I cannot lie to mugs with quotes from C.S. Lewis and Mr. Darcy, you’re sure to find one your writer will love. I’d go to and search for one. 
Personally, this JK Rowling one is my favorite:
Get it on Etsy here.
My final gift idea of the day is something I’ll be hinting around to my family because I REALLY WANT ONE. An upcycled library card notebook! Made from real library cards and recycled paper of different kinds inside. Check out the Etsy listing to see more photos of how awesome this notebook is. 

So these are this year’s five coolest writer gifts that I have found. Not all writers are the same, but if your writer is anything like me (aka- awesome) then they’ll by psyched to receive something like this for Christmas!

What do you want for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!