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My favorite books of 2015

The year is just about over! Where did the time go? No, seriously. Do you know where it went? Because now I’m thirty years old and I’m not exactly thrilled about someone stealing my 29th year and making the time fly by so fast…

Regardless of the time thief we seem to have on our hands, I have prepared a list of my favorite books I read this year. Enjoy!

Note: I am not good at ranking things from best to worst, and since this is a BEST of 2015 list, I’m just listing these books in random order. But the point to take from this is to read all of them if you haven’t yet! 

SUGAR by Deidre Riordan Hall

I seriously can’t talk about this book enough. Can something be refreshing and heartbreaking at the same time? Can a book make you feel as though you’ve never known love until it shows you what love is? Yes, it can. Because this book did. This book spoke to parts of my soul that had never had a book speak to it, and I’m not talking about just the romance part. Sugar herself spoke to me. I’ve never rooted for an MC more than I rooted for Sugar. Guys, I’m seriously holding back tears as I type this because I’m thinking back to Sugar and how much I love her. Read this book. If you can’t afford it, I’ll buy it for you.

THE CORRIDOR by A. N. Willis

This book is technically a dualogy, so the sequel, THE THIRTEENTH WORLD should be included in here as I rave about how much I love it. I absolutely love the idea of parallel universes and the adventure of traveling through them to see how things are different than here on earth. There’s another popular YA parallel universe book out there and it has NOTHING on this one. This book had exactly the mixture of edge-of-your-seat excitement and swoon-worthy romance that you want in a novel. The whole world-building of it all was so well done, and the ending will floor you. READ IT!

I’LL MEET YOU THERE by Heather Demetrios

Ugh, this book. This is the kind of book you read twice just to get to see all the good bits again. It has a stellar romance and the kind of heart-achey rough situation for the MC that makes you want to grab her and hug her and make everything okay. Also the voice and the writing of this book is superb. #WriterGoals right there.


If you don’t burst into tears on the very last page of this book, something is wrong with you. I can’t even write anything else because this book is just perfect from first page to last page.

MONUMENT 14 by Emmy Laybourne

It seems like so long ago, but I read this book on January 5th according to Goodreads, so it totally counts! This series is perfect if you like books about the world ending and survival. And I do. At least, I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, and that’s kind of the same thing, right? This is one of the only books that can do several points of view and not have me rolling my eyes. Seriously, I HATE POV shifts, but this book did it well. And you can’t help but storm through reading the entire thing in a night because so much action is happening and it’s driving you crazy and you HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Read the whole trilogy–it’s worth it to see what finally happens.

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