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Announcing a new Web Serial!

I’m super excited to share my newest project with you guys! I’ve been working with fellow superhero author/Pen and Cape Society member/creative genius R. J. Ross on a new web serial! It will debut in February (website to be posted soon) and we’re calling it New Cape City. It’s a YA superhero serial that will release two new episodes a week. RJ’s posts will be on Mondays and mine will be on Thursdays.

The story is set in the year 3001, in a world where Talents (superheroes & villains) are members of Yin Corp and Yang Corp. New Cape City focuses on two teen characters who are both trying for an internship at the world’s greatest hero and villain corporation. We’re giving it a light-hearted, parody tone and it’s perfect for readers 13 and older.

RJ’s character is Wynter Chill, A pampered princess in a white tower–or at least she is at home. To the rest of the world she’s a freak that lives in a world no one else can see. They might be right.

My character is Echo Montgomery, an adopted human girl with a
secret she can’t exactly tell anyone: she’s pretty sure she’s a Talent, and now she’s about to break some rules to find out the truth.

If you’ve never read a serial before, I encourage you to give it a try! It’s like a TV show with weekly updates, only it’s better than TV because it’s a story you get to read. heh heh heh.

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  1. Just read the first chapter for R.J. Ross' side and enjoyed it. Looking forward to see if I enjoy your character as much as I did City of Legends. Good luck on the new project.


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