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City of Legends Release Day!

YOU GUYS! My YA superhero series is released today! All three books are now available on Amazon and I am so so so excited about it.


I can’t believe it’s been ten months since I first got that email from my editor at Alloy. That email forever changed my writing career. I went from being a one woman indie publishing operation to a hybrid author with a fantastic team at Alloy Entertainment. My editor saw the potential in my superhero story and helped me polish it up and revamp the entire series. I really hope you guys will love the new versions and also be happy with the conclusion in the final book!

In celebration, I’ve painted my nails to match the cover.

Now that this series is over, I’m looking forward to diving into a new series that has been in my head for a while. There is no rest for the writer! If we did that, then the book ideas would pile up and drive us insane. Well, more insane. 

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  1. How awesome!! Congratulations 🙂 I didn't realise you had had a series picked up by a publisher – well done you!

    I look forward to hearing what your next series is about. 🙂


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