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Cool new Amazon Embed feature

Amazon has this new feature and it’s free and fun and can even earn you some extra money if you’re an Amazon Affiliate. It’s called the feature and it’ll work on any ebook, not just your own!

Embed is perfect for giving someone a free preview of your book from your own website, and you don’t have to code anything yourself. You don’t have to send people to a separate link to read, so they can stay on your own website and browse your books. Also, Amazon let’s you include a Buy Now button so they can purchase it if they wish.

Also, it’s FUN.

Here’s how you do it:

From a book’s Amazon page, over on the right hand side where the buy buttons are, go down to the very bottom and click on where it says .

Then configure the widget anyway you’d like. Make sure to click on the option to embed the HTML on your own site. (click image to make it bigger)
Then, paste the HTML into your own site and BAM! Free preview! I’ve included a preview of COL on my homepage. Click here to see it, or click the Home link up above ^. I also included previews for all of my books on their book pages
Here’s what it looks like in action:
This new feature is definitely cool and very useful! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

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