The Pretty Little Liars finale is almost here!

So because I am unlucky enough to have a time machine, I am stuck waiting for this season’s final episode of Pretty Little Liars like some kind of peasant. At the time I’m writing this, I still have to wait 26 hours to watch it so I thought I’d spend some of that time expressing my thoughts and theories with a collection of gifs. Who knows, maybe some of them will be correct!

*Spoilers ahead!*

So far my theories are usually deAd wrong, with the exception of guessing that Charlotte would die and she’d be the reason the girls had to stay in Rosewood. I’m still high-fiving myself for that one.


(Wait is it wrong to be happy to have correctly guessed a death? *shrug*)

First of all – Do we trust Aly’s new hubby? I’ve been wary from the start. Dr. Rollins doesn’t exactly seem *untrustworthy* so why am I so wary of him? It might be because poor Aly’s life is a total wreck and I’m not sure she’ll ever be truly happy since everyone in her life (besides the girls) tends to screw her over. (Hello, MOM burying your own daughter!) Maybe I’m just jaded, but I see this relationship taking a bad turn at some point. In last week’s episode, my sis and I rewound the stairs part several times to see if maybe he tripped Aly. It definitely looks like he’s innocent… but I’ve got my eye on you Dr. Rollins.


Aria & Ezra – WILL YOU TWO GET BACK TOGETHER ALREADY? I’ll admit, I wasn’t thrilled about this relationship in season one… but at some point they became the glue that holds love together. Was that too poetic? Well, they’re writers, so they’ll get it. I predict we’ll get a good old fashioned Ezria lip lock in the final episode.


Hannah and Caleb – I was going to post something about this couple but I decided not to. Why? Because I have full faith that these two will get back together and all will be right with the world. Sorry, Spencer. I really am. But HALEB will be a thing again, and if I get my way, Toby will find his way back to you soon.


Who is the twin?

Ali was my first thought when Marlene revealed that there would be a twin. After all, she’s a twin in the books. But I quickly realized that would be nearly impossible, right? I mean, Ali’s parents never mentioned it after all of those lies they told about basically everything?

But then it hit me. Ali’s parents told lies about basically everything. So who’s to say they didn’t hide Ali having a twin just like they hid Charlotte? Secondly, I’ve never really trusted Alyson, like at all. Maybe she’s been hiding this twin all of her life. Maybe the twin helped A and maybe the twin still IS A. Maybe they’re both sociopaths? Hmm… It’s an interesting theory and I’d love to see this play out.

Another thought is that maybe Mrs.¬†DiLaurentis is the twin. Simply because of that hospital scene… When Aly visited the hospital back when she was “dead”, she ended up being alive. So maybe Mrs. D is too? Maybe her twin was buried in the yard instead.

Remember on Halloween when Ashley Marin saw those twins and then they were gone? Could this be repressed feelings of her past? Is Hanna a twin and Ashley is hiding it? Hmmm…


Mona – I’ve never trusted her and I definitely don’t trust her now. When she was locked in the dollhouse, she gained a teensy bit of empathy from me, but now it’s gone. She’s clearly back to her old ways and although I’m not confident enough to pin Charlotte’s murder on her, I think she’s got an evil plan up her sleeve and we might see it in the finale.


Okay that’s all I have for now. I can’t even begin to theorize on who might be the next A/devil emoji but that’s the beauty of this show. It won’t give away everything all at once. We’ll figure it out in season 8, if the wait doesn’t drive us crazy!


What are your theories for tomorrow’s finale? Share them with me below!