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Review – Pieces of You and Me by Erin Fletcher

Pieces of You and MePieces of You and Me by Erin Fletcher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was another great Entangled Crush read! Chase and Rylee were best friends before Chase disappeared five years ago. Now he’s back and he’s keeping his distance so as not to hurt her again. I am a big believer that soul mates can’t stay apart for long, and in this case I was right! I thought they had a sweet romance and I loved how Rylee was there for Chase to help him put back together all of the broken pieces of his life.

There’s also an addiction element in this story and I found the relationship with Chase and his father to be really refreshing and great to read. So many books have alcoholic fathers and this one was a recovered father. The scenes with his father were some of my favorites! Especially how the ending worked out.. not that I’ll spoil it here.

I was also a big fan of Rylee and Chase knowing everything about each other and yet still getting to re-learn it all when they met up again later in life. This was a sweet love story that tugged at my heartstrings and made me root for them through their struggles.

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