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Kindle eBook giveaways on Goodreads!

Recently, Goodreads announced that they’re expanding their giveaways program to include Kindle eBooks. It’s about time! I’m very excited for this program because now indie authors can get their books into more hands. Paperback giveaways are fun, but they’re also expensive. I recently spent $15.50 to mail a book to Canada and $27 to mail one to Bosnia. OUCH. Most indie authors aren’t well off by any means, so mailing books internationally, or even domestically, can really break our wallets.

Empty wallets = no money for coffee.
No coffee = no books getting written.

Not cool!

But a new Goodreads ebook giveaway program? Very cool.

They’re still working on it but as soon as it’s up, I’ll let you guys know how to enter to win some of my books! 

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