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May Wrap up

How the heck has it already been another month? With summer fully here in Texas, I am so ready to spend a lot of time at the pool–wishing I was swimming but instead writing my book while the kid swims. You know how it goes.

This month was pretty productive for me, although I wish I would have read more books. As it is, here’s my bookish wrap up:

I spent the second half of May plotting and starting a new book that I am incredibly passionate about. So passionate, that I’m not sharing any details right now, but I have dubbed it PYA and you’ll probably hear me talking about it all over social media. This is the kind of book that makes you excited to be a writer. The characters feel like dear friends and I wake up each morning excited to dive back into their story.

I hate to say it guys, but this might be my favorite book ever. (Please don’t tell my other books.)

In other news, I will be a guest author at this year’s Houston Comicpalooza in June. Find out more details here.

I also made these super cute City of Legends keychains that I tried giving away on Facebook, but apparently no one saw the post because FB is the worst sort of company ever. But keep an eye out for other giveaways, maybe on Twitter where the owners aren’t total money-grabbing A-holes.

That’s my May in a writerly-oriented nutshell. How was yours?