Behind the Scenes of King City

I was digging through old notebooks this morning (IE- procrastinating real work) and I came across this old sketch of the canyon underground in my book City of Legends. In this book, the world has a race of superhero people, and most of them live underground. Central is the main headquarters, and it’s situated below the surface of the Grand Canyon. Also, in this world, the surface of the Grand Canyon on both sides of the massive canyon, isn’t just beautiful nature like it is now. It’s a massive, sprawling city called King City that has many portals above ground that lower the Supers down into Central. Underground, there’s a long glass wall that overlooks into the canyon, which in my head, is an awesome view.

And although I worked in engineering for 9 years and sketching up intricate parts and machinery on CAD was in my job description, you can see here that I am not an artist. I remember sketching this out, trying to imagine how Maci would get from her house to Pepper’s studio.  It was all done in a hurry, but I referenced it a lot over the course of writing all three books.

You’ll note, this is not to scale. Maci’s house isn’t that huge; it’s actually a modest size in comparison to other homes in Central. I really liked the idea that these people don’t live in absolute luxury like the leaders of our country do today. Maci’s dad is the president of the supers, and he lives in a normal house without a single servant. I feel like having superpowers IS their luxury. Everything else is pretty normal for them.

My favorite part of this sketch is the upper right hand corner  LONG FALL TO YOUR DEATH. heh, heh, heh.