2016 Goals Update

This morning I did the very noble task of going through all my old posts and changing them from “uncategorized” into posts with real tags and categories! Why yes, I am procrastinating my real work of the day, how did you guess?

Along the way, I found my 2016 Goals blog post, written back in January. Can you believe it’s already been 8 months since the year started? WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? I’ll tell you where my time has gone: into accomplishing a ton of goals. I should really aim higher.

So here’s where I started with my writing goals, and where I am now:


Writing Goals:

  • Write and publish Supercross Me, the sequel to Motocross Me Done and done! Supercross Me is available now!
  • Promote the hell out of City of Legends, which releases in a month! Done! City of Legends has been out in the world for 6 months now.
  • Get an agent. Yep, this is very scary but I am jumping back on the query train this year and hoping to find a literary agent as I pursue my career as a hybrid author. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT, I ACTUALLY DID IT! I worked hard writing a new book and I landed my dream agent with it. I’m still on Cloud 9 from it. (And I don’t mean the Cloud 9 from the show Superstore, which btw is hilarious and I love it.)
  • Finish BUSG (the secret YA project) and pitch it for traditional publishing. Not only did I finish Break Up Support Group, I also got a deal with Swoon Romance it’ll be published November 1st! So, another goal done and done.
  • Plot, Outline, and write SDS, another secret YA project. > This is the only goal not yet attained, but I’m currently doing the research for it and I’ll begin plotting and outing SDS very soon! I have the rest of the year to get it done, so I think there’s a very good possibility this year’s goals will all be achieved.

How about you? Did you set goals at the start of the year? Now is a great time to reflect back on them and see what you’ve accomplished so far. If you’re not where you want to be, guess what? There’s still over 4 months left to get it done! So get to work!