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As a special offer when signing up for my newsletter, you’ll now get to download an eBook of my teen novel Somewhere Only We Know for FREE! This book is very close to my heart and deals with mental illness, romance, and a secret world that cures every ailment. All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter, which is super awesome because I only send them every couple of months or so, so know you won’t get spammed!

Check out this link to get your copy, or click on it from the EXTRAS link up above.

PS- As always, anyone who reads it and wants to leave a review online will instantly become my best friend for life.


2 thoughts on “Get a free eBook!”

  1. Cheyenne, your Hero series has made me laugh and cry over the last three days. Thank you! I’ve been so immersed in your wonderful world and captivating character that I’ve not noticed the pain I live with physically for literally hours … God bless you! Your imagination, humour and intelligent reads have truly been well enjoyed … muchas gracias!!!


    1. Thank you Kimberly! It so means so much to me to hear that you enjoyed my books. Maci Knight is a very special character in my heart! I hope you start feeling better soon! ❤


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