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Blog-o-ween 2016 – Jennifer DiGiovanni


Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! Because of this, I wanted to host a fun giveaway with some YA authors I admire. I’m calling it Blog-o-ween because I’m not very clever. Every week for the rest of the month will feature an author and a giveaway!

Today’s featured author is Jennifer DiGiovanni

(Check out the last 2 weeks’ authors: Patricia B. Tighe, Natalie Decker, Rebekah L. Purdy)


mjyol-ebook-final-640x1024Junior year is supposed to be tough. Exams, term papers, homework, college tours, and participation in extra-curricular activities can all add up to non-stop stress. But Melinda Banner has goals to achieve and dreams to make real. This year, she’ll be unstoppable. But even over achievers need a break.

While walking in the woods to take a break from the stress of it all, Melinda meets a boy named Connor. After a few more run-ins, the two settle into an uneasy friendship, if you can even call it that.

But Connor’s closed and mysterious. Whenever Melinda asks too many questions, he suddenly has to go or is no longer interested in talking. When they’re together, she’s torn between wanting him to open up and running away as fast as she can. Still she can’t seem to shake her budding interest in him.

Connor has his own way of looking at the world, and his views often conflict with Melinda’s practical nature. Can you like someone and loathe them at the same time? Is he even worth the emotional tug on her heartstrings or distraction from all things Junior year?

And, as if she needs another project right now, Melinda starts to obsess over the abandoned estate she passes on the way to school each day. Between Connor and the old estate, Melinda’s beginning to think she’s taking on too much.

But Melinda’s smart. She finds a way to indulge her interest in the estate and fulfill her obligations. She will uncover the truth behind the aging edifice for an epic article in the school newspaper.

But when her investigation reveals a connection between Connor and a tragedy long-since forgotten, Melinda has a choice: put off her junior year achievements to save a local landmark and a boy who constantly pushes her away or put them both out of her mind for good and focus on making the grade.

Get My Junior Year of Loathing on Amazon.


I asked Jennifer some Halloween questions and here are her answers:

Trick or treat? Treat. Always treat.
Favorite scary book? Most recent scary read was The Nest by Kenneth Oppel. Very eerie and strange.
Favorite Halloween candy? York Peppermint Patty.
What’s your favorite Halloween memory? When my in-laws dressed up and knocked on our door late one Halloween night and my husband refused to give the “two big kids” any candy.


Thanks Jennifer for stopping by the blog today! I am hosting a giveaway to win an eBook of My Junior Year of Loathing! To enter to win, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite Halloween candy. You’ll get an extra entry if you follow Jennifer on Twitter. Leave your Twitter handle in your comment to get the bonus entry.

Giveaway ends 11/7/2016 at midnight! Winners will be chosen at random.

Congrats to Katrina!

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  1. Ohhhh! Another week!

    Fave Halloween candy is the pumpkin shaped Reese’s!

    I follow Jennifer in twitter! Handle is @alyssayurisays


  2. My favorite Halloween candy is is the pumpkin shaped reese’s cups! 🙂
    And I have followed Jennifer on twitter (@klc72720).


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