The Friday Five

Another Friday is here! I’m really looking forward to next week for several reasons, and what better way to tell them than by putting it in a fun Friday Five format!

One – The Breakup Support Group releases on Tuesday! I’m so excited for this book with friendship and heart ache and romance! You can pre-order it now or wait until Tuesday. It’s on Amazon. Paperbacks should be available soon. If you do get a copy, I would LOVE for you to post a picture of it on social media and tag me (@NormalChey).


Two – Gilmore girls!! The new Gilmore Girls revival comes out on Netflix on 11/25! While I’m bummed that it’s only 4 episodes, I am still ridiculously excited to see more of one of my favorite shows! I’ve been celebrating by rewatching the whole thing for the 5th time. Yes, I might be obsessed.

Three – Are you signed up for my newsletter? You’ll want to be when you see all the release day giveaways I’m doing for subscribers only! You can subscribe here:

Four – I read some books I totally loved last week and I think you should read it too! IF I FIX YOU by Abigail Johnson is heartwarming and heart-wrenching and loaded with a kickass girl mechanic! BOOK PROMOTION 365 has a year’s worth of promotion ideas for authors who are self or traditionally published. I’m STILL learning stuff from it. I highly recommend it if you’re an author!

Five – Check out this adorable and sparkly and fun City of Legends light! My husband’s coworker makes them and I am TOTALLY IN LOVE!



So that’s my five things for this Friday. I’m looking forward to the next week of Thanksgiving and no kid being at school. I’ll be working hard on my newest manuscript and taking a break for some pumpkin pie, of course. What will you be up to this week? Reading any good books? Let me know in the comments!