It’s an ebook birthday miracle!

Today is my birthday!

I also woke up and discovered that my new release, The Breakup Support Group, is on sale for $1 on Amazon! WHATTT!?!? I don’t even know why. I’m guessing maybe the wonderful people at Amazon chose my book for a Cyber Monday sale? Maybe my publisher did it for my birthday? Who knows? I have no idea how long this sale price will last, but I’m excited and you should be, too!

The Breakup Support Group is a fun romantic teen novel about Isla, a girl who gets dumped by her long time boyfriend. Heartbroken, she joins a support group at school, only to meet the handsome and troublesome Emory Underwood, a guy sent to the support group to atone for all the hearts he’s broken over the years.


Get The Breakup Support Group for only $1!