Compicpalooza 2017 Wrap-up

Houston’s largest comic event is now over! This was my second year as an attending author, and I had a total blast! I was on two panels, and one of them was this year’s first ever “YA Roundtable”. We all sat around (a suspiciously rectangular table) and talked about YA books. That was probably the fastest hour of my life, because when I talk about books, there’s never enough time! But I met some awesome people, some readers and some aspiring authors and I was happy to share my (questionably insightful) wisdom.

Then I was on the panel called Not Another Love Triangle – Tropes in YA Fiction. I had some amazing panelists with me:

Jennifer Yen 
Margo Bond Collins
Emily Evans
Mari Mancusi

Please click the links above to check out these authors’ books!


Despite the Houston traffic, Comicpalooza is so much fun. Where else can you get free donuts, talk about YA books, eat nachos for lunch, and see Chuck Norris all in the same building?

See you next year, Comicpalooza!