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How to write with an Alphasmart.

Every time I post a picture of my Alphasmart online, people always ask about it. So today I made a video showing what exactly this bad boy can do. The Alphasmart is basically a keyboard that stores typed text until you can transfer it to a computer. THAT’S ALL IT DOES. That’s why it’s so beautiful!

Check out my first ever YouTube video below:


Why do you want an Alphasmart?

  • Write on the go with no worries of batteries dying.
  • Write FASTER. When you’re not on the real computer, you can’t get distracted with email, social media, etc.
  • Write simpler. Don’t worry about editing, don’t worry about grammar. Just write that first draft and edit it later.

How to use an Alphasmart Neo 2:

  • Choose a file (I use File 1) from the keys along the top row.
  • Write your chapter, scene, or whatever you’re writing up to 10,000 words.
  • Connect Alphasmart to your computer via USB cable (included).
  • Open your Word processor and put the cursor where you want it to be.
  • Press “Send” to on your Alphasmart and it will transfer your words onto the computer.
  • When it’s finished, disconnect the Alphasmart and edit your work on the computer.


So there you have it! Find your own Alphasmart on Ebay, (They’re going for $25-30 right now with free shipping!) and then let me know how it’s transformed your writing life!