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2021 Goals

Hello Void, it’s me. The owner of this abandoned blog. I’m not even sure what prompted me to log into this author website that I’ve largely ignored for the last two years, but I did, and I’m here, and I was taking a deep dive through the 7 years of blog posts while half-way listening to Bob’s Burgers for the 82nd time and decided I missed this.

I’m a month late, but I used to write yearly goal blog posts each January and then revise my list at the end of the year to see how well I succeeded.

I think I’ll try again.

Cheyanne’s 2021 Goals

Sell one book.
Just one. It would be amazing. Despite writing several manuscripts, I haven’t sold a book since 2017. The ridiculously soul-crushing failure of not selling another book is the reason I haven’t blogged or updated the site in years. What’s the point? I have nothing new to say. Well… in 2021 I hope to change that. I’m optimistic but… we’ll see.

Read wider.
I usually stick to my comfort zone, which is YA literature, but I’ve been feeling burnt out on reading. It’s probably the pandemic, and the previously mentioned author failure, but I need something new. I plan to read at least one book a month that isn’t YA.

Fit back into my pre-COVID clothes.
This one is self-explanatory.

De-clutter my life.
I recently cleared out my bookshelves of about 150 books, giving them to loving homes instead of letting them languish on my over-stuffed shelves. It felt amazing! Now I’ve been eyeing every room in my house, every drawer, every shelf, wondering what I can pare down to make my life simpler and more focused. As soon as I finish writing my current WIP, I’m diving into de-cluttering. I feel happier just thinking about it!

Learn a new skill.
What will it be? I don’t know, but I’m excited.