Announcing the release of If We Break Up

Nothing like having your first blog post in a year and a half go from “I’m getting a TV show!” to “Guess I’m self publishing.”

It sucks.

Failure is always in the cards as an author, and my deck seems to have a lot more failure cards than usual. What’s happened in Cheyanne’s World over the past year and a half? I lost my agent. I haven’t signed another book deal. And there’s no news on the film adaptation of The Last Wish of Sasha Cade.

But my family is safe, vaccinated, and relatively happy. My Etsy shop has taken off, and my pen name’s sweet romance books are paying the bills. Fun Fact: glamorous Publisher’s Marketplace screenshots (or the lack thereof) don’t reflect all there is to an author, although they’re what you usually see online.

The thing is, SASHA released three years ago. I am still looking for a new agent and holding onto the ridiculous dreams of being published by a “real publisher” again one day. After all, that’s the only reason I’m still doing this writing thing. But in the meantime, I’ve decided to indie publish a few manuscripts I worked really hard on over the past 5 years that either didn’t sell, or didn’t get submitted back when I was agented. I’m planning to release 3 new books in 2022, each about 3 months apart.

I’m doing this for my readers and for my books. I can’t begin to describe how shitty these past three years felt when every time someone would email/DM/ask me when my next book was coming out I had to shrug and frown and say, “I don’t know. I don’t have a new book deal yet.” Author’s careers are limited, stifled, and ruined by waiting for the publishing industry to notice them and allow them into their sluggishly slow, outdated process.

My readers want something new from me and they deserve it. My books are tired of being neglected manuscripts on my computer. After all, I spent months of blood, sweat, and tears writing and revising those suckers. They deserve to be read.

So I’m excited to announce the first book I’m publishing! If We Break Up is an angsty, heartfelt young adult contemporary with a splash of romance. I’m publishing an eBook, Paperback, and Hardcover edition and am currently working with a narrator to produce the audiobook, something none of my traditionally published books ever got. It will also be available to libraries.

The eBook is up for pre-order now and the other formats are coming soon! Learn more here.

Thanks for sticking with me.