Announcing my next YA Book Release!

I’m super thrilled to announce my next YA Contemporary book! I wrote this back in 2017 and it’s held a special place in my heart ever since. It’s got girl power & best friend energy, and everything you liked from SASHA but without as much pain and sadness. A few years ago, I’d mentioned this book at a book signing, and readers have been asking me ever since then when it’s going to come out and I’ve felt so bad saying, “soon, I hope!” I’m happy to say that it’s finally almost here!

My little teenage movie retelling story has had a long journey. While on submission a few years ago, it sadly didn’t sell to a big publisher, but just because a YA book doesn’t sell in this incredibly difficult market doesn’t mean it’s not something readers will enjoy. I’ve been in the talks of publishing this with a small press, but ultimately decided it’ll be better in my own hands so I’ve brought into my own indie press, Quinnova Press, and will be publishing it in June.

However, I feel like I should dedicate most of my promo time to IF WE BREAK UP, which releases in March, so I’ll let BEFORE YOU WAKE hang out on the back burner just a teensy bit before revealing the cover and ARCs. I guess all of that is to say– I am teasing you with this new book release info. LOL. It’s been nearly 4 years since my last book released and I am BEYOND THRILLED to have at least two new books to share with you all. I also have another YA being queried and considered by several agents right now (fingers crossed) and two more completed manuscripts to query and/or submit soon.

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