How do you get your ideas?Capture

I keep a plot muse chained in my basement. Just kidding! I don’t have a basement. She’s chained up in the living room.

Can I have a signed bookmark?

Of course! Send me an email with your mailing address to chey at cheyanneyoung.com and I’ll send you some signed swag. The contents will vary with what I have on hand and I usually have a collection of bookmarks from other YA authors to send out as well.

How can I send you real mail?

Snail mail can be sent to:

Cheyanne Young
P.O. Box 2475
Cypress, TX 77410

I want to read your ebooks but I don’t have a kindle.
No worries! The cool thing about Amazon is that they let you read ebooks on many devices. You can download the Kindle for PC app and read on your computer, or download the app for your smart phone/tablet. Click here for more info. All you need is an Amazon account and you can read Kindle ebooks anywhere!

Can I buy a signed book?

Yes! Email me!

What’s your writing process like?

I procrastinate for one thousand hours and then I sit down to write. Sometimes I write snuggled up in my bed, sometimes I write on the kitchen counter, and sometimes (often) I write on my bike desk, which is a stationary bike with a laptop stand on it.

My first drafts usually take about a month to write. I’ll spend a few days plotting and outlining, and then I write 5000 words (or more) a day until it’s done. Pretty much all of my drafting is done while pedaling on the bike desk. I can’t recommend a bike desk (or treadmill desk) enough!

When I’m outlining, I go crazy with neon-colored Post-it notes, note cards, scraps of paper… Outlining is like a tornado of creativity and it is my absolute favorite part. While editing, I’m focused and using a desk. You can’t mess around with editing. Throughout every process though, you can be assured I’m drinking more than a safe amount of coffee, all day, every day.